Though Laura’s massage practice has come to a close after nearly twenty years, the gifts of healing light shared through her hands continue in her offering of shamanic healing.

What is shamanism?

Shamanism is one of humankind’s most ancient traditions; also one the most widespread. It is a system embodying the rediscovery of knowledge of spiritual power and connection used to achieve and maintain well-being and healing.

Shamanism employs altered states of consciousness accessing the non-technological capacity of the human mind for health and healing together with the interconnectedness of the universe. It is a methodology, a discipline; it is not a religion. In shamanism, the focus is on practice and experience rather than on beliefs and dogma.

The primary technique of shamanism is that of shamanic journeying, or travelling in consciousness to spiritual realms. The one indication of the authenticity of shamanism relies simply on its efficacy: if it gets results it is not false or empty. The abiding purpose of all shamanic practice is that of service.

Shamanic sessions offered

  For healing in body, mind, spirit
  To obtain helpful information for a particular issue
  To retrieve a power animal
  Extraction healing: the removal of any energies that do not belong on, in or around you
  Soul retrieval: assist in the return of one’s vital essence which may have been lessened or lost due to trauma or simply the rough and tumble of life
  Space clearing: the removal of energies that do not belong in a home, office or other structure or place
  Psychopomp: assist in the escort of souls from this world into the afterlife

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